About Life with Harriet

I am Harriet and this is my life in words and pictures

Life with Harriet is my attempt to create the world that lives in my head, a shiny place where everything is beautiful in its own way, all of my favourite things gathered together for  me to look at whenever the feeling takes me. Like a look book, or a scrap-book, or a treasure box, a place to keep all those lovely things I find along the way and don’t want to lose.

There will be pictures and words, places to go, things to see, to make, to cook, to buy and to experience…anything that catches my eye could turn up on Life with Harriet, so at this stage I really can’t define it any better than that. I just want to share the things I love with people who might love them as much as I do, and I’ll see where it takes me…



3 thoughts on “About Life with Harriet

  1. Yay – you’re on your way. Love the look and feel of your blog. Looking forward to getting addicted to it – have already bookmarked this site in my favourites xx

  2. Ruth and John on said:

    Well done, your writing skills are definitely showing. Looking forward to many more interesting topics.

  3. Just lovely! Wish I could enjoy some of the delights right now but sadly at work…in Canberra!

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