One Perfect Day…

Last week I took a day off work for no real reason at all, just to have a day to myself with no deadlines or expectations.  Its something I haven’t done in a while, I’ve been too busy with other things to take time out and do nothing, but I have sworn to try and do it more often, because it felt fantastic…perhaps you should give it a try!

I left the car at home and walked to the train station

There was so much to see along the way, once I reminded myself that it didn’t matter what time I got there…

…and still plenty to see when I did get there…

I loved this pretty cardigan at Review…

and this gorgeous handbag at Mimco…

I made my way to Westfield Sydney on Pitt Street Mall, still one of my favourite places to go when I want to take in the bright and busy world of Sydney CBD

I was spoilt for choice when I got hungry, you can’t go past Food on Five, the nicest food court I’ve ever seen with something for everyone, and worth a visit even if all you want is a visual feast…

So next time you think that there’s nothing to see, look around you and open your eyes to the ordinary.  You just might find something new to love.

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