Baking is good for the soul…

Late Sunday last weekend I was suddenly overcome with the desire to bake.  My pantry was fairly bare and so I turned to a packet mix gifted to me by my friend Pennie, and which I have been saving for just such a rainy day.  It was a red velvet mixture, (my most recent cake infatuation), White Mill brand from Aldi, complete with a sachet of icing mixture…perfect! I normally use buttermilk for red velvet, but I had none and so decided to substitute yoghurt instead, which always works just as well for  me,  and I added a tiny bit more red to get that rich colour that makes these cakes so appealing to look at. I had some cream cheese icing in the freezer which needed a bit more body, so I added the icing sachet, and some pink colouring, goodness knows why, but I have to say that it tasted amazing in the end. The cakes were not quite as moist as when I make them from scratch, but really otherwise I was pretty pleased with them…there are none left on the cake dish, so I guess that’s something!

Straight out of the oven, they looked like this…

Dressed in pink cream cheese icing and sprinkled with shredded coconut, they looked like this!  

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2 thoughts on “Baking is good for the soul…

  1. Hi Harriet – Can you please post your red velvet cupcake recipe sometime. I hear that they are scrumptious…..hint hint!!

  2. Red velvet recipe coming soon….watch this space…

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